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I've had the distinct honor of introducing this prolific poet, happy harp blowing, word slinging mad man named MH Clay many times to the stage over the years. I've called this man of many hats (literally!) numerous things to include: poet; artist; editor; musician; confidante; Mad co-conspirator; and my all-time favorite... friend. And even now, after all these years, I am finding that there are many more sides to this soul; known as MH to many, Michael to others, Uncle Mikey to a few, oh, and "son of fred," too.


I began to see a few new glints of him when I first delved into this fine collection of his poetry. Gathered here, between a front and back cover, stacked with rhyming recollections of good times plus a few mad dashes of alliteration, is more than a body of work from MH Clay.


This book might as well be MH, himself. Glimpses and reflections of him as devoted husband, lively lover, role-model father, fine friend and sensitive son can be seen here. He gives us a view from where he​was, where he is, and where he is going. As the man himself says, "You can see where I’ve been from the front my hat" And what places his hat has been! After ​a few pages you'll see what I mean. I'm not going to say "I hope you enjoy this collection of poetry from MH Clay" because I can say, without a single doubt, that you will.

Johnny Olson

Founder & Chief Editor

Mad Swirl

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