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The Day The Mirror Called

An anthology of poetry on the passing of Ted Browne from the Blackwater Poetry group, showing death from all its angels, its bitter tears of grief shed now, and to be shed later "when you are alone at last" and "everyone has gone", to the bittersweet way of looking at death as observed by another writer, who calls it "Change of Address".


Gene Barry - who brought the anthology together - sums it up in similar fashion, giving the comforting musing that the deceased is not the coffin they gaze at in tears, but is above, pain free, proudly showing the loved ones at his funeral to those others already passed, a beautiful way of thinking of those gone before us.


In excess of 50 poems, in 72 pages, that will leave the reader tearful, smiling, sorrowful and hopeful, in a tribute to Heather and her beloved deceased husband Ted;  fine tribute to this fine writer.


Thomas Carthy

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